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DAQ Drivers (win7)

1. Bionic SDK

 Download the latest drivers for your Advantech data acquisition plug-in card

Support: 64/32-bit WinXP/Vista/Windows7 system.


DAQ Drivers (v2.6B)

1.Device Manager

2. All DAQ Drivers

DAQ Example

 Download the latest drivers for your Advantech data acquisition plug-in card

* Install the device manager first

Support: Win98, 2K, XP


DasyLab 8.0 Demo

DasyLab 8.0


Labview Drivers


Data Acquisition Labview Drivers (for ver. 6.i & 5.1) 


ADAM Software
Dll Driver

ADAM Utilitiy

The ActiveX control of ADAM-5000TCP-6000 series(ADAMTCPX)

ADAM-6000 GCL Example

Microsoft .NET FrameWork

ADAM.NET Class Library 2003

ADAM.NET Utility

Drivers & Utility for ADAM-4000, 5000 and ADAM-6000 Series


Download 2 hour demo

How to log data of ADAM-4118 through OPC server and DLL driver in ADAMView? (wmv file)

New cost effective Data Acquisition software product for ADAM-4000/5000/6000 I/O modules. It is targeted for small applications where the customer is needing an easy to use powerful software. ADAMView runs on Win 98/NT/2000/XP.

(In the serial number field enter 10 zeros "0000000000" and this will enable the 2 hour free demo mode)

Main features:

  • >True multitasking environment
  • >Basic script programming
  • >Drag and drop graphical configuration
  • >Data log & storage
  • >Ethernet & serial network
  • >DDE & ODBC Data exchange service

ActiveDAQ Software



ActiveDAQ Pro is a collection of ActiveX controls for performing I/O operations within any compatible ActiveX control container, such as Visual Basic, Delphi, etc. You can easily perform the I/O operations through properties, events and methods. With ActiveDAQ Pro, you can perform versatile I/O operations to control your Advantech devices.

WatchDog Sample

Download the VB source files (1.4MB)

Learn to use the Advantech's Computer Boards WatchDog feature using the example files. The WatchDog feature makes your system more reliable by automatically rebooting the system whenever an error occurs. This is especially good for stand-alone applications.

Win 2000/XP ICOM Driver

Version 2.1D

Download Driver
Download Utility

for PCI-1625 Click here

Driver for PCI communication cards for Windows XP:

Drivers for PCI-1601, PCI-1602, PCI-1610, PCI-1612, and PCI-1620


PCI under DOS
Download files

This utility and source will help you get the PCI card base address under DOS. Then you can use the registers map to manipulate cards functions. 

Compad32 XP Driver



ModbusTCP OPC Server 3.01.09 Demo



Use 0000000000 (10 zeroes) as the serial number to activate the demo

An OPC server provides devices, such as an I/O device, to communicate with a wide range of HMI/SCADA software packages residing on a host. Any software system with OPC client capabilities can access the Advantech OPC server drivers.



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